Local 2/Hospitality Industry Child & Elder Care Plan
Youth Program Benefit

Eligible Children: Children that are eligible for these benefits include your natural children and those of your spouse or domestic partner. Adopted children, stepchildren, foster children, or other children who depend upon you for support and whom you claim as dependents on your federal income tax also qualify for these benefits.

Youth Program Benefit: This benefit reimburses parents for programs or classes for children under 18 years old or disabled children of any age and is an additional benefit a participant can receive in addition to a regular benefit. Up to $50 of this benefit may be spent on supplies required for participation in the program or class.

Before parents can be reimbursed, you must submit: 1) the original receipts for you child care, 2) a Proof of Payment Form completed by the program provider, and 3) a program brochure or business card.

Youth Program Benefit Description Forms Required

Up to 18 years or disabled at any age

Reimbursement: Up to $500/Year

  • Reimburses the cost of programs for children. Qualifying programs include enrichment classes, tutoring programs, activities like Karate or Chinese school, holiday and summer programs, and camps.
  • To qualify, programs must be offered by an established organization, agency, or school.
  • You may receive this benefit in addition to one regular benefit.
  1. Copy of child's birth or adoption certificate in English.
  2. Copy of child’s Social Security card or document with SS# on it.
  3. If child is disabled: Doctors Form

Director – Louise Rush

Program Coordinator –
Chris Rodriguez

Payment Coordinator –
Beatrice Mai

Monday & Wednesday
8:30 AM – 4:45 PM

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(415) 864-0506


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